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From the Broadcast Booth to… the Other Broadcast Booth

I’ve heard from many successful people that difficulties often lead to great opportunities, and I learned that firsthand on Saturday night. The entire first period of my broadcast in Worcester didn’t go on the air, and the issue couldn’t be fixed until period three. In the meantime, I tried to work around the issue with

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From Minor League Baseball to GRONK SPIKE PUCK!

So much for resolutions, eh? It’s been more than two months since my last post, but I won’t make any excuses. I’m lucky to be able to kick things back off with a bang. What does Rob Gronkowski have to do with the Worcester Tornadoes, and why bring him up when football and baseball are

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From Minor League Baseball to… Minor League Hockey: Part 6

Whether it’s a bunt with a man on first and no outs, moving a runner over with a grounder to the left side or laying out to block a puck, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. There are times that that runner will eventually score, or your team will pick up the loose puck and

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