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Winter Meetings Experiences

Every year in the first full week of December, Major League (and Minor League) Baseball holds its Winter Meetings. They’re usually in a warmer climate, though that’s not always the case. They are always interesting though, no matter what your goal is as an attendant. If you’re the paparazzi or just a star-gazer, you’ll get

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From Minor League Sports to a Major Resolution: Part 5

I’m glad I started one of my New Year’s Resolutions early. I’m already behind in my post-a-day goal, so I’m calling an audible. This month, I’ll have 31 posts over the 31 days, but I won’t guarantee one each day. There’s more to come later today to catch up! ***** Yesterday while I was in

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From Minor League Baseball to the Baseball Family Party

It’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks since I got back from the Winter Meetings. Last Wednesday as I was finishing up my work day, I noticed it was almost exactly a week earlier that I headed to the airport in Orlando to make my way home. In a way, I’m glad there’s been

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