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Nick Gagalis: Digital Hoarder, the Sequel (with More Explosions)

So maybe I’m not Michael Bay. I don’t have an even more sexed-up Megan Fox to offer you, but I have something the Transformers director does not: a legitimate sequel to my work that continues the storyline without sacrificing anything (or using unnecessary slow motion with boobs and stuff blowing up in the background). In

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People I Admire, Part 3: Mitch Joel

Most people I know probably have no idea who Mitch Joel is. That’s not to say he isn’t well-respected or an authority in his field, but he doesn’t crave the limelight. He has spoken before about how he could have taken a different route to gain more exposure for his blog, but he chose to

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An Alternative to Grad School

After dropping some serious money on BU, I’m taking a different approach to my post-undergraduate education. I don’t regret going to an expensive private university for a second, especially since I have my girlfriend, my career and a much busier social life to show for it. However, I doubt I’ll go down that route for

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