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An All-Around Championship Club

As I spend more of my adult life broadcasting sports, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some great new people. Although the most logical connections I could make are other broadcasters, I’ve come to appreciate employees in other departments just as much. The Pawtucket Red Sox happen to have of the best broadcasters and mentors

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From Minor League Baseball to… Minor League Hockey: Part 10

I really enjoyed going to the Paw Sox game yesterday, and I certainly don’t regret going. It was nice to meet and truly engage with a couple more of my boothian role models. (“Official” count of made-up words through my website: 2.) However, it was weird driving south on Interstates 93 & 95 for an

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From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun: Part 2

Yesterday, I made another trip to Rhode Island. Over the past six months, I’ve become accustomed to driving south for Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, but that was for the Providence Bruins’ games. This time around, I made a hardball road trip. (The last 2010-2011 season installation of my minor league hockey & baseball series

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