From Minor League Baseball to Broadcasting’s Wolf Pack

I recently had a vision for how the media family breaks down in minor league sports, and it reminded me of one of my favorite comedies: The Hangover. The way I see it, there are three main parts to media operations in sports: live in-house communication (like Public Address Announcing), live broadcasting communication (like radio,

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From Minor League Baseball to Reading. No, Really

Some people say it’s overrated. Some people say it’s underrated. I say (and I’m not the first to) that reading is the gateway to a life’s worth of learning. Whether it’s because it helps you develop an interest in things or keeps you up-to-date in your industry, finding the right sources to read frequently can

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A Promise to You. Yes, You.

Dear Readers, I’m writing tonight to apologize for a couple of reasons. “How could you apologize when you’ve done nothing with the blog for the last four months?” You might ask. Well, that’s part of it actually. (To answer that question, you had to look at Justin Bieber every time you came to my website

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