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What Marketing Lesson We Can All Learn from “Dirty Jobs”

Much of my career so far has been involved in content marketing in one way or another, though it might not seem that way until you give it some extra thought. Sports broadcasting is content marketing by definition, because the product and its marketing are one in the same. What better way is there to

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From Minor League Sports to a Major Juggling Act: Part 2

Monday, August 22. That was my last day off. It wasn’t even the final day off the Worcester Tornadoes had this past season, but I have had to do at least some work for one (or more) of my jobs on every single day since. Yes, that includes Saturdays, Sundays, Thanksgiving and my birthday (for

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From Minor League Sports to a Major Juggling Act

Whether you work for one team full-time, a couple (or few) teams part-time, or have a “pedestrian” job and a (or a couple) gig on the side, there are many different ways you can get involved in the sports broadcasting world. Within every league I’ve observed, there’s at least a little variance in the career

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