From Minor League Baseball to Reading. No, Really

Some people say it’s overrated. Some people say it’s underrated. I say (and I’m not the first to) that reading is the gateway to a life’s worth of learning. Whether it’s because it helps you develop an interest in things or keeps you up-to-date in your industry, finding the right sources to read frequently can

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An Encouraging Sales Revelation

I’m learning that sales experience can help you in many different ways and often comes from unexpected sources. Whether you’re selling a revolutionary stapler, the latest Top 40 hit or a new house, it’s the same basic idea to get from prospecting to collecting. If you know the item you’re selling well enough, a knowledge

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What do Baseball, Internships and Multitasking Have in Common?

A couple days ago I mentioned in a tweet that I wanted to combine a few ideas I got from CAREEREALISM because they easily relate to the world of the Minor Leagues (plus independent leagues and other sports, especially below the highest levels). Having the knowledge these articles provide helped me earn a spot in

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