***If you would like to speak with any of my references, please ask me for their contact information. For more references, visit my LinkedIn Profile and STAA Talent Page. Each of these sources contains different recommendations.***

“He’s creative and conscientious and has learned how to dive into a story and get the facts that are the bedrock of solid journalism. And at a time that traditional journalists are struggling, Nick has launched into alternative media and has learned to make that work for him.”

Kim Blanton, Boston University Professor, Boston Globe Business Writer

Professor Blanton taught one of my News Writing and Reporting Classes. Her class was the one that required I cover a beat, and also a citizen naturalization.

“I would recommend Nick to any company or organization interested in his services. He is an eager, good spirited and dedicated person who will continue to improve and be a valuable asset both now and in the future.”

Ross Carey, Former 890 ESPN Boston Radio Station Producer

Ross was the person I worked most closely under while I interned and 890 ESPN. He is currently a producer for the TV station Comcast Sports Net New England.

“His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with his Producers, the show’s Talent, and his peers. I have been consistently impressed by both Nick’s attitude towards his work and his performance on the job.”

Tom Glennon, Boston Bruins Broadcast Producer for NESN

Tom was one of the many producers I worked with at NESN. He was also the one who hired me for the position, and he taught me the importance of working on a team.

“Nick is far and away one of the most progressive thinkers in a media landscape that is constantly evolving in ways we never could have imagined and at a rate that continues to blow people away. In my experience, Nick is often a step or two ahead of the curve, as can be evidenced by his personal website, blog and variety of personal Web 2.0 pages, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. He would be an asset to any organization.”

Adam Kaufman, Boston Globe Columnist & Radio Personality (Former Providence Bruins Broadcaster)

Adam is the P-Bruins employee I work with most closely when I’m at the Dunkin Donuts Center in the Rhode Island capital. He has taught me just what it takes to run a major league-quality media operation in the minor leagues. He knows the boundary between professional and personal, and he’s used it to become one of the most affable but respectful broadcasters around.


Other References

DJ Capobianco, Research at Twitter

DJ recruited me for the Community Manager position in the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Program and helped me develop great relationships with my coworkers at Hill Holliday and with the client, Liberty Mutual. DJ is easily approachable and has an open mind, even when the most free of thinkers have their doubts. That’s one of the many reasons he was my go-to person for advice.

Joe Castiglione, Northeastern Professor, WRKO Red Sox Play-by-Play Broadcaster

Mr. Castiglione was the professor of the sports broadcasting class I took at Northeastern. In his class, we were required to constantly record ourselves reading the scripts we wrote to create compelling (but not complicated) copy. Storytelling is his job, and clarity is his best tool. I believe I am the same way.

Rick Kubitschek, Hudson Valley Renegades Director of Media Relations

Rick’s title with the Renegades is Director of Media Relations, but he has a wider variety of work (in addition to his media duties) than anyone I know. He and I share the same attitude: do what needs to be done, and instead of complaining about things you don’t want to do, find the best way to do them and get to work. If you help others, it will come back to you.

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