NESN Production Intern

January-April, 2008

Like pretty much everywhere else I have been, I really enjoyed NESN. I worked hard, but reaped the benefits too.

When I worked there, I prepared pre-game notes for on-air talent and found interesting facts to be used on special programming. I did an entire research project on Manny Ramirez’s quest for 500 homeruns, Mannyology.

The most exciting job I had with NESN was managing the stage at Fenway Park and the TD Banknorth Garden for Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins pre- and post-game and intermission reports. I had to help build the sets for those shows too, but it was definitely worth it. I went to a Bruins playoff game and Opening Day at Fenway, when the Red Sox got their 2007 World Series Championship Rings. I also attended my fair share of regular games for those teams to help with post-game press conferences and the other work I’ve done.

I prepared and logged footage to be used for segments on various NESN programs, which may not have been riveting, but it taught me how to be organized. I helped with Sox and Bruins pre- and post-game shows, The Buzz, Rubber Biscuit, The Hot Stove, The Ultimate Red Sox Show, and other programming in my time in Watertown.

WEEI Morning Show Intern

January-May, 2008

Dennis & Callahan was the second morning radio show I interned for. I worked there while also interning at NESN. I found, recorded, and edited clips for the producers to use on the show, and researched sports news and statistics for the hosts to discuss. Finding buzzer beaters (bizarre stories that the hosts shared at the end of the show) was one of my favorite things to do for them.

I edited clips for use on other shows and the WEEI website. The most frequent interviewee during my time there was Doc Rivers, so I heard plenty of his voice early in the morning.

890 ESPN Station Intern

August-December, 2007

890 ESPN was possibly the best place for me to learn responsibility. I produced games for ESPN Radio in the ALCS and World Series while I was there. I also recorded and edited clips for use on The Boston Baseball Pre-Game Show as well as The Mike Felger Show, which was the premiere entertainment on the station while I worked there.

I assisted the producer in running the board for The Patriots Pre-Game Show, which opened up my opportunity to produce the Sox playoff games. I performed voiceovers for commercials, chose the background music, and put the commercials together so they’d be ready to air.

On my first day there, I traveled into Boston to promote the Wiffle Ball Tournament the station was having the following week. I helped set up and run the tournament, and also went to Fenway to hand fliers out before a few regular season and playoff games.

I was always involved one way or another, sometimes when I wasn’t scheduled to work (and helped with the website from home, or invited plenty of people to the Facebook group). I transcribed weekly on-air interviews between the station and John Clayton, which were published in the Boston Metro.

Although I had no prior knowledge of the internet, 890 was the place that taught me the basics of websites. I updated Boston sports teams’ schedules and station events on the website.

WZLX Morning Show Intern

May-August, 2007

Working for Karlson & McKenzie was the first internship I ever had, and it was the first time I ever had to get up so early to do something productive day in and day out. The hot chocolate I had there at 5 am was my savior.

While at WZLX, I prepared live commercials for the talent to read and edited clips of the show (with Pro Tools) to put on the website. I even got to make a few appearances on the show, including a couple times for entire segments!

In addition, I set up off-site broadcasts and accommodated the station’s guests, including ESPN’s Peter Gammons. It was an honor to meet him, and it showed me what hard work and a positive attitude can accomplish, especially if you know your stuff.

After my first couple weeks at ‘ZLX, I really got things going. I started my work for the Whitecaps, and spent the rest of the summer commuting back and forth between the internships.

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