Marketing & Social Media

Nizhoni Health Logo

Social Media Manager at Nizhoni Health

June 2015-present

I manage the blog, website, social media profiles and emails for Nizhoni Health. It is especially rewarding to see the difference the clinicians make in the lives of the people who need them most!

BitSight Logo

Content Marketing Specialist at BitSight Technologies

October 2014-March 2015

I was in charge of running the blog, newsletter, webinars and social media accounts for BitSight, as well as managing & analyzing the leads that came in through the various platforms we used. HubSpot, Salesforce and Google Analytics were among the arsenal of tools I used regularly.


Employment Branding, User Experience & Content Manager at CAREEREALISM

September 2013-September 2014

Three titles, three roles, but one goal: to keep visitors to the site engaged. Via Employment Branding, I kept clients happy by showing job seekers just how great their companies were to work for through blog posts, webinars and the like. My UX gig was less design-heavy and more hands-on when working with visitors and paying customers. As Content Manager, my role was very similar to the other Content Marketing and Social Media jobs I’ve had in the past.

Crimson Hexagon. Know more. Know why. Know how.

Handcoder at Crimson Hexagon

November 2012-February 2013

For the second time in as many non-broadcasting gigs, I used my social network (literally) to score a social media job. This time, my work wasn’t limited to one page or another. With the help of some software, I categorized the emotions behind posts all over the internet so the “monitor” I built can repeat the process for every relevant result.

Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award Community Manager at Hill Holliday

September 2010-January 2012

Through my online efforts working closely with teams and their fans, I earned a chance to take my social media ideas and implement them in another area: the corporate world. As the Community Manager for the Coach of the Year Award, I represent the best interests of two parties: the client (Liberty Mutual) and my employer (Hill Holliday). Like many of the other jobs I’ve held, finding the intersection between the two has been where I’ve had success.

Although the Coach of the Year Award is an extension of Liberty’s brand, making it a notable and worthwhile addition (or solo platform in some cases) was the real challenge. Simply reiterating the same messages as the Liberty Mutual accounts would defeat the purpose: a campaign that stays true to the brand, but shows another side people have not seen.

By merging college football and responsible leadership with a dash of inspiration, I found a target group that is passionate not only about their original interests, but also the Coach of the Year Award. Many fans voted continually, whether or not their favorite coaches are high in the voting standings. I hope to continually improve our already successful system, because anything less would be against what I stand for.

CAREEREALISM Public Relations Intern

May-August, 2009

My internship at CAREEREALISM was my first solely public relations position. It was also the first time I’d worked for a company only through the internet, but it was a great learning experience for me.

CAREEREALISM is dedicated to educating job seekers and employees at any and every stage of their respective careers. I still use my own Twitter account to promote various features, articles and video clips on the site.

The PR Department helped CAREEREALISM drastically increase its website traffic. It earned the status of a top ten career blog on the web while I worked there!

Working for CAREEREALISM taught me how to reach people without seeming like a salesperson. It also increased my marketing abilities and helped me craft an appealing personal brand.


Cultural Tolerance Public Service Announcement

April 2007

During my sophomore year at BU,  I was a national finalist for a project I submitted to a contest. I worked with a few classmates on a public service announcement that we directed, produced, wrote, shot and edited.

The PSA was about the need for cultural tolerance in our society. The winning PSA was used as a pilot for an announcement that aired on television.

Directed Study Research Paper

January-April, 2006

In the second semester of my freshman year, I did a directed study on sports writing with a BU professor. I was assigned to write a twenty page research paper on the development of free agency, and how it affected baseball as a whole. I learned how to thoroughly research a topic, come up with questions to answer in the paper, and form a strong, fluid argument thanks to my work.

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