Category: From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun

These entries chronicle my trips to other minor league baseball parks, learning how other teams function in their promotions and (especially) broadcasts. I typically throw in stats or performance updates of prospects involved in the game, and you’ll hear a joke here and there too.

From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun Part 3.5 (Or is it Part 5? Who knows.)

I guess there was a subconscious reason for the labeling of my last post. It may not have been the same date or the same order of ballparks visited, but I did happen to catch a Portland Sea Dogs game up at Hadlock Field on Friday night. Coincidentally, it was against the New Britain Rock

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From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun: Part 3 (Yup. I know it’s out-of-order. There’s a semi-legitimate reason for that.)

So the title for this one won’t win any awards, especially if the aforementioned awards involve numerical order. I figured since I wanted to write number four in this series first, I would. It’s my blog after all, right? No offense to the Portland Sea Dogs, but the game I was supposed to go to

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From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun: Part 4

My region-wide Minor League Baseball tour continued yesterday with a trip to New Britain Stadium, home of the New Britain Rock Cats. They’ve been a Minnesota Twins affiliate for the past 17 years, and used to be a part of the Boston Red Sox system. Before Saturday’s 6:35 contest, I got a hold of the

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From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun: Part 2

Yesterday, I made another trip to Rhode Island. Over the past six months, I’ve become accustomed to driving south for Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, but that was for the Providence Bruins’ games. This time around, I made a hardball road trip. (The last 2010-2011 season installation of my minor league hockey & baseball series

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From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun: Part 1

For the next four or five weekends, I’ll be making trips to local minor league ballparks. It will be nice to see some games as a fan, but that’s not the only (or even primary) reason I’m going. My mission is to make some new friends throughout baseball, learn about all the different promos other

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