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Dad’s Bag of Tricks

When I️ was a kid, I️ had a Felix the Cat Cartoon Toolbox on the computer. There was no boss to beat or goal to achieve, but it was pretty fun anyway. (While I’d love to turn this into a video game review blog, that’s not the point.) You could pick a backdrop, then put

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Daddy, Don’t Wake Baby!

Sometimes, there’s nothing as satisfying as watching your baby sleep. In fact, I was doing that just before I sat down to finish this blog post. Luckily, my baby is a pretty sound sleeper. Our little one has slept through fireworks, power tools, birthday parties and other loud, bright series of distractions. There has been

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Dad’s Secret Stash

Based on the title, this post could go in a lot of different directions. It could make me a good dad, bad one, chill one, hyper one, or none of the above. I don’t know what you were thinking about, but this post is about diapers. And the stash is no longer a secret. The

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Dad Explains How Ayeuh-Ayeuh and the 4 Bs are a Boy Band

As you may have learned from personal experience or one of my previous Dad Blog posts, babies like when you do weird things. (Wumps anyone?) When it comes to settling a baby down, inconsistent and/or random motions can be your best friends, as can odd sound effects. Those two can work especially well in tandem,

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Weird Dad Yankovic

For those of you that know me best, you realize my innate ability to burst into spontaneous– and usually ridiculous– song, fueled by parody lyrics. It’s a great way to introduce my baby to some of the classics (and some of the also-rans). Here are the songs in “Now That’s What Dad Calls Music 324!” The

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Even when I was the scrawniest, leanest version of myself, I was never flexible. I may have a hybrid dadbod/old-man/potato-sack thing going on, but becoming a father has given me magical powers to test my limits. Almost all of said limits were created by necessity, but some were for pure sport, spite or the pursuit

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I am Iron Dad! A Lesson in Logistics

For those of you who know me, you’ve probably heard by now that my wife and I had a child. Since this is the Wild West of the open internet (unlike my pretty private Facebook account), I won’t be sharing the baby’s name or any pictures.