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These posts combine my love for baseball with the effort of one of the game’s most respected players because of his effort and perseverance. Many of these posts involve promises I’ve made and changes in my approach, since Cal was famous for switching his batting stance so often in an attempt to improve at the plate. It’s also an occasional salute to other people who embody the “grinder” attitude in work or life.

From Minor League Baseball to Major Props: Part 1

If I only end up updating my blog because of rain delays and game cancellations, I’m sad to say that I hope it doesn’t happen often. Here in Newark, the tarp is on the field, and it appears the interns and grounds crew are about to take it off. (Phew.) As anyone who works in

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From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun: Part 2

Yesterday, I made another trip to Rhode Island. Over the past six months, I’ve become accustomed to driving south for Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, but that was for the Providence Bruins’ games. This time around, I made a hardball road trip. (The last 2010-2011 season installation of my minor league hockey & baseball series

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From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun: Part 1

For the next four or five weekends, I’ll be making trips to local minor league ballparks. It will be nice to see some games as a fan, but that’s not the only (or even primary) reason I’m going. My mission is to make some new friends throughout baseball, learn about all the different promos other

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From Minor League Baseball to… Minor League Hockey: Part 9

Lil Wayne performed at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence before his most recent tour officially started a couple of weeks ago. A few days later, while I was doing my usual running back and forth between the office, the copy room and the press box before a Providence Bruins game, I encountered a question

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From Minor League Baseball to Major League Vlogging: Part 2

Here it is folks. The following video is what I submitted to the 2011 MLB Dream Job. If I win, I’ll be able to watch the 2011 season non-stop and blog all about it, getting paid by Major League Baseball! If you’d like to apply, click here. As always, let me know what you think.

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From Minor League Baseball to Major League Vlogging

Watch the video and let me know what YOU want to hear about. To contact me, leave a comment here or click the links to my social media accounts in the sidebar on the right. Enjoy!  

From Minor League Baseball to Nihilism. What???

In my time being a consumer and a content creator, I’ve noticed a pretty simple principle about business and even life in general. It might actually be the most important part to having success monetarily, through brand equity or whatever yardstick you use to measure triumphs and tough times. Fortunately (or not), it’s something very

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From Minor League Baseball to… Minor League Hockey: Part 7

Sometimes, people need motivation to get stuff done. (That might be THE most obvious statement I’ve ever opened a blog post with.) How and where to get that motivation is usually the biggest challenge for those trying to be productive. Since people can have such different personalities and work styles, a method that pumps you

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From Minor League Baseball to Reading. No, Really

Some people say it’s overrated. Some people say it’s underrated. I say (and I’m not the first to) that reading is the gateway to a life’s worth of learning. Whether it’s because it helps you develop an interest in things or keeps you up-to-date in your industry, finding the right sources to read frequently can

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From Minor League Baseball to… Minor League Baseball (and More)

Some people get a makeover to refresh themselves. Other people get a massage. Some go on vacations, while others prefer staycations. To reinvigorate my career, I did the professional (albeit less sexy) equivalent of those. I created another hub for my work, this time in the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America family. STAA is a

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