Dad Explains How Ayeuh-Ayeuh and the 4 Bs are a Boy Band

As you may have learned from personal experience or one of my previous Dad Blog posts, babies like when you do weird things. (Wumps anyone?) When it comes to settling a baby down, inconsistent and/or random motions can be your best friends, as can odd sound effects. Those two can work especially well in tandem, which I learned through the first calming system that worked for our baby: Ayeuh-Ayeuh and the 4 Bs.

Ayeuh-Ayeuh is my approximation of the sound a baby makes when it sucks angrily on a binky. I’ve found that when I know the baby is tired and wants to fall asleep, mimicking that sound can help the process. With some help from Mama, we also discovered that there are four B words that can help wind things down: Binky, Blanky, Bouncing and Bum Pats. When Ayeuh-Ayeuh and the 4 Bs perform together, it usually ends in a mellow evening. Or at least it used to.

Ayeuh-Ayeuh let the team’s success get to his head. His agent wanted a quick cash grab. What better way to make some bank than to stop sharing it with other people? The lead vocal spun off into his own solo gig. The 4 Bs just don’t seem to work anymore.

However, Ayeuh-Ayeuh’s solo career was about as impressive as JC Chasez.

The only difference is that Ayeuh-Ayeuh might be able to latch on with another band. We’ve been trying some other strategies that seem to work along with Ayeuh-Ayeuh, like Wumping, lowering the lights and softly singing with Ayeuh-Ayeuh replacing the lyrics.

Here’s today’s tip, veiled in the history of American Pop Music. Like so many other aspects of a baby’s life, things change very quickly. The age of the boy band is over. It’s time for countless one-hit wonders and remixes. Here’s hoping we can find those hits early and ride them for every last YouTube view. (I’m looking at you, Gangnam Style.)

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