The Cons of Blogging on LinkedIn (Part 2 of 5)

The Shortest History of Blogging You’ll Ever Read

People have been journaling their lives online for more than a decade now. If you want to go beyond blogging, you could even say it’s been 20 years. Through GeoCities, LinkedIn, WordPress and everything in-between, there have been countless methods to express yourself personally and/or professionally.

With the recent move by LinkedIn to allow more people to publish blog posts, it presents an interesting opportunity.

Why is post #2 the first one here?

This is the second post in a series of five that details the pros and cons of blogging on LinkedIn, your own site, and both. The first post was on LinkedIn, and it happened to be my first-ever post there.

In this five-post series, I’ve decided to publish two posts just on LinkedIn, two just on my blog and one on both. I’ll explain why as we go.

The Cons of Blogging on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn owns the content, so if it’s ever taken down, you may lose it.
  • Tons of people are now LinkedIn Influencers, so the attention they get is usually not as large as it used to be.
  • You don’t have complete freedom in the format of your posts.
  • There’s no guarantee that it will help you. (You’ll see this one again…)

What’s next?

The third installment of this topic is on, and it evaluates the pros of blogging on your own site.

The fourth one weighs the cons of blogging on your own site.

The last one has two versions, one on my personal blog and the other on LinkedIn.

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