My Meeting at HubSpot’s Locker…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a love letter to HubSpot, a marketing software company based in Cambridge. I’ve been admiring their marketing advice and company personality for a few years now. In typical 12-year old fashion, I asked people to “pass” my note to HubSpot to let them know how I felt. Luckily, many of you forwarded the note and/or kind words about my attitude to them via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Thanks to your help, the company got the message, over and over again. A couple of people who I’ve never met before tweeted on my behalf. Many others gave an @reply shout out to my favorite unicorn-inspired team. A few of you liked their Facebook page just to be able to post your support for me there. One employee was notified by three different people about my letter. That person officially referred me for a pair of open jobs.

I’ve had a couple of phone conversations with people on both the customer and marketing teams there and I have a series of in-person interviews tomorrow afternoon. I’m meeting with

-One person I spoke with for almost half an hour last week

-Another employee I had the privilege of meeting when I visited the office for a live episode of Marketing Update back in the day (aka last summer)

-A marketing evangelist who travels virtually and actually to present his/her findings

-A person I chatted with briefly on LinkedIn a few weeks ago about a different creative application idea (and one of many Boston University alumni there) and

-Someone who has worked for two popular social media companies and a huge division of one of the country’s largest corporations.


I’m glad I waited until age 26 to send a love letter. I was already awkward enough in middle school. Just ask anyone that went to McCall in Winchester. (To prolong my awkwardness for a painful extra year and a half, I didn’t even get braces until high school.)

To feed my new stalking habit, I looked at the LinkedIn profile of every single one of their employees. That gave me a good idea of the type of path I may take through my career there, should I get this or another job.

I struck up a few conversations, and learned a good amount about the company. I also spoke with a couple of HubSpotters on Twitter, including one who made a big splash to land his/her gig with the orange-infused company at the end of the MBTA Green Line. (There has to be a color pun to be made here.)

Saying thank you to everyone who lent me their social media soapbox may not fairly show how grateful I am for your time, but I have a few other tricks up my sleeve. Thanks again!

(So much for getting through this blog post without a cliché. I guess my writing has some growing up to do.)

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