A Love Letter to HubSpot… Pass it On!

Psst! Could you pass this note up to the HubSpotter sitting in the front row? I promise you won’t get in trouble. I have to admit a crush I have…

@replying @HubSpot on Twitter with a link to this post is one way to pass it on. You could also put the link on the company’s Facebook Page. Sharing this on your own social media pages is another way to help me out, but like any good rumor, I need it to eventually reach the target, preferably not through me. Here are some suggestions on how to make this like a real middle school love drama.

If you use Twitter: “Hey @HubSpot, will you hire @NickGagalis? He has a love letter for you here: http://bit.ly/XPOUMv”

If you use Facebook: HubSpot, this guy has liked you for a long time and wanted to ask you on a (work) date. Hopefully you won’t embarrass him in front of the whole class by not hearing him out! http://bit.ly/XPOUMv”

If you’d rather use Email (and you know someone who works there and have their address): I have a secret to share with you. Maybe the hiring department would like to know too, since someone’s got a major crush on HubSpot and he wanted to ask something… He’s a great guy and you two would be a great couple. http://bit.ly/XPOUMv”

I know people can’t resist reading the notes they pass, so I won’t even try to make you skip over the stuff below. Just get it to HubSpot!



I’ve seen how you’ve changed the marketing world with your idea that companies should create marketing that their customers love. I’ve watched you go from being a quirky software company to the coolest kid in class. (I promise I’m not a stalker though.)

I have liked you for a really long time, and I tried to show that with a few job applications last fall, reading & sharing your best ebooks & blog posts for years now and coming to see you in person (for Marketing Update & Happy Hour).

I don’t want to seem lame in front of the whole class, but I wanted to get your attention. Hopefully the teacher won’t notice either.

Since there’s no prom to ask you to, I thought I would try something even more fun. Will you hire me?

Of all the companies I’ve had a thing for, you’re the one that I always come back to. Nobody else has the same combination of smarts, humor, popularity and good looks that you do. You have such a cool attitude, especially since you have so much confidence in your work, but you don’t let it get to your head like the other popular kids. You like to have fun, but you also mean business… marketing business. (In case you couldn’t tell, I was a big fan of @AndrewTQuinn as a fill in on the good ole’ live shows.)

I might not be that popular at this school, but a lot of minor league sports teams think I’m cool, and I even had a few dates with Liberty Mutual during college football season. I’ve been with big and small companies, crazily-conservative ones and super risk-lovers too. None of them seem as great as you. You’re the perfect balance of all of those. I hope you like the poem I wrote you:

HubSpot is orange.

Violets are blue.

Nothing rhymes with orange,

But I’ll be great working for you.

So how about it, will you hire me? Put a sprocket around your answer or talk to me after class.

YES                                    NO



Your (Now Not-So) Secret Admirer

nickgagalismedia [at] gmail.com


P.S. I hope you loved this letter like you do the marketing you and your clients create. If I don’t get a response soon, I’ll come in to see you with a hard copy of everything in my proposal. (Don’t worry. There’s no ring. It’s not THAT kind of proposal. I do hope this could turn into something more though.)

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