Nick Gagalis: Digital Hoarder

My goal for the Worcester Tornadoes heading into this past baseball season was to have the most comprehensive in-house coverage of any team in the Can-Am League. It took a lot of work from Seth Orensky, Davis VanOpdorp and I to get the stat packs, game notes and other media information prepared each day. It’s a good thing I had a couple of people working with me to keep me sane.

Instead of having even more work to do each day in 2012, I had a less media-heavy workload, which gave me the chance to help a few different departments and also do some research on how to be a better employee (and boss). Before, during and after my time with the Tornadoes, I have compiled hundreds of the articles I read and organized the best of them into general categories for whomever reads them next. (Yes, I actually cut quite a few out.) I’ll have a few posts listing them as soon as I pare them down a bit.

The idea behind having so many (and in so many categories) is that you could read any story from any one of them and learn something about the given field. I hope the articles become as great a resource for you as they were (and are) for me.

Here’s a sample of the websites I’ve featured at least one article from, to give you an idea of how diverse they are:



Harvard Business Review


Tech Crunch

Fast Company


Seth Godin



Ad Age

Social Media Today


The Energy Project



LinkedIn Today

Wall Street Journal

New York Times




Psychology Today


Business Week

Social Media Examiner

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