People I Admire, Part 2: Seth Godin

You may have come across my first post in this series, where I claimed that making myself the first entry was the most arrogant move I had ever made. Although it would seem to be the case from the title, those of you who read more than the first couple of paragraphs realized it was actually a tribute to many of the people who have inspired me through their actions, whether they’ve ever met me or not. If I meet Seth Godin, you’ll hear all about it. Luckily, you don’t have to know him personally for his ideaviruses to infect you.

In the spirit of one of the world’s smartest marketers, I’ll keep this entry brief. After all, Seth’s blog posts are frequently 200 words or less. He says what is necessary in the most elegant way possible and avoids fluff.

(I’ve been forwarding the emails I get including Seth’s posts to an address I use only to aggregate content. You’ll soon see countless blog posts from him when I share that trove of knowledge, which I’ve accrued over the past few years.)

I left my favorite of Seth’s books, Purple Cow, somewhere, thinking I may never get it back. I knew exactly where I left it, and considered letting that building’s next inhabitants find it, hopefully read it, and make that person or company remarkable like the book’s tagline claims it could be. It would have been a fine choice, but I like to actively lend my books out to people whom I know will learn something valuable, and I could do that many more times owning it myself. (Duh.)

Though I won’t speak for Seth much (I’ll let his writing do that for him), I will say this. You could probably summarize the great work he promotes through two words: just ship. Do whatever you can to create your product, and get it out in the public. Don’t talk about doing it. Don’t analyze every other similar attempt at your solution ad nauseam. Do something great, then share it. Then do something else great.

I hope this blog has been, is and continues to be “something great.”


Read some of the other great posts in this series. I promise they’re not all full of bravado.

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