Another Day, Another Series. Is a Less-Enticing Title Out There?

After I gave my modesty a bath in the last post, I had to start this one with some self-deprecating humor. How’s that for a title?

Anyway, I got another idea for a potentially great blog series today. Here’s hoping some of you can familiarize and/or participate with my philosophies.

I’m not much of a soap box kind of guy, but sometimes it helps my own personal development when I discuss my opinions on various debates in the working world. Although I’m not talking about classics like which Will Ferrell movie is best, they’re still interesting topics to talk about.

What’s the best way to handle employees or coworkers you don’t get along with? Are you better off spending less than full-time hours doing a full-time job? Is it better to be in a fast-paced, changing environment with little direction or a clearly structured more immovable one? I’ll be tackling those issues and more in some upcoming posts. I look forward to hearing what you have to see about them too.

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