A Rant About Catching Up

The team has an off-day, and I usually take those as no-excuse hiatuses. (Or is it hiati? Maybe it doesn’t work like the plural of octopus. What a shame.) This time, I figured I’d keep my Tornadoes longer-term goals in line: tackling the nice-to-haves, the luxuries that I said I’d do this season that don’t need to be done every day.

The little things are often what makes the engine tick. I’m no mechanic, and I don’t really enjoy creating crappy cliches, so maybe I’ll just quit while I’m ahead.

This blog is one of the things I’d like to be keeping up fairly frequently for my own purposes, but it’s taken a back seat lately. If I were at least blogging on behalf of the team every other day or re-writing the Invinciman novel I wrote at age 10 to include a bit more plot complexity, you could make the argument that I have a semi-legitimate excuse for not putting my hours/words in. Sometimes it seems as if a break– albeit a short one– from anything can help, even if it’s just a few minor things. You just have to make sure you don’t let it snowball.

I like to think that my baseball scorebook is a microcosm for how things are going for me. When I noticed I was falling behind on filling in some of the pie-in-the-sky stats that only I hold myself accountable for, I knew it was time to reassess why I keep track of them, and how to get back up to speed on the really valuable ones. It also warned me that I might want to check on the big picture, because some other things could be out of whack.

Davis and Seth (the Tornadoes Media Everymen I hired to work with me this year) will be happy to know that I have them covered. I’m even a bit ahead of schedule now because of the time away from the ballpark and office, even though it’s been a relaxing afternoon.

According to a lot of the reading about business efficiency I’ve done, multi-tasking is kind of like football, as momma would say. “It’s the devil, Bobby!” (The post wouldn’t be complete without an Adam Sandler reference.) I guess I didn’t do any multi-tasking, because I took care of the work and then¬†chilled out, but I had to fit one more lame joke in there one way or another. Thanks for sticking with me.

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