The Best Nightmare Ever

You may have heard over the weekend that the Worcester Tornadoes have a new slugger at their disposal. Jose Canseco (yup, that Jose Canseco) is the newest former big leaguer to don a Tornadoes uniform. I’m pumped to have such a big name coming to the team I work for, and I hope everything goes well for the fans that visit our ballpark. I have the same hopes internally, but I’m not expecting it to be a bed of roses for me.

The good news is that the Tornadoes will get more media coverage than ever before (including our brand new blog). The bad news is that my workload will be larger than ever. I’m lucky that we’ll have a team of media relations guys, because I have a feeling that dealing with such a polarizing guy with tons of people clamoring for his attention won’t be easy. He has a history of asking a lot out of those around him, which shouldn’t be that much of a problem if we’re prepared (and he’s reasonable).

In the perfect world, Jose would be a media darling and a great role model for our fans. On the other end of the celebrity spectrum, he could be a disaster. My gut feeling (and hopes) are that he’s somewhere in the middle, closer to the former than the latter.

Either way, you should come along for the ride. The first Tornadoes home game is Monday, May 21.

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