From Minor League Sports to a Major Resolution: Part 8

If you know me well, you realize that I’m a bandwagon Celtics fan who really didn’t care one way or another if the NBA came back this season. The only people I felt bad for were the people who depended on the games for a livable income (as opposed to millions or billions of dollars). Between my basketball “roots” (my mom used to go to games like it was her job) and the last couple of NBA Finals appearances the C’s have made, I’ve started to hate the Lakers. I don’t like Kobe Bryant as a person, I was mad Phil Jackson topped Red Auerbach with titles, and there’s really only one star player there over the last decade I haven’t hated, Shaq (my childhood favorite, probably for the same ironic reason that I loved Mo Vaughn: I couldn’t get much more different than either of them).

In addition to my anti-Lakers bias, I don’t really like David Stern, mostly because of a few conspiracy theories I have about the NBA. You’d think that I’d be happy, knowing Stern blocked the Chris-Paul-to-the-Lakers deal, because there will be one less hate-able Big Three. (I realize the hypocritical nature of what I just said given whom I root for.) However, there’s one thing that grinds my gears more than the Lakers: the attitude of the Kardashian Family. (For the record, I feel like a terrible human being for even googling their last name to make sure I spelled it right.)

Commissioner Stern may have just kept the insanity alive a little longer. Since the divorce, Kim has luckily laid pretty low. The less attention she gets, the better. I’m pretty sure there’s a negative correlation between her media coverage and the happiness of the human race. With her sister staying in LA, it will only perpetuate the dominance of America’s most annoying rich family, which isn’t really famous for a good reason other than the dad. If Khloe had been shipped off to New Orleans with Lamar Odom, maybe the limelight wouldn’t be as bright for them.

To be honest, I hope this blog post doesn’t get as much attention as many of the others I’ve written. I’m not embarrassed that it might be  poorly written, but I realize simply mentioning that group of people is what it thrives on. Sometimes I feel like it’s the equivalent of the late Christopher Reeve in the episode of South Park where he eats baby fetuses to get stronger. We don’t need them terrorizing us anymore, especially with their fashion lines and credit cards for kids. (I won’t link to them out of principle.) I promise to never mention them on this blog again.

If you’ve made it this far into the entry, you’re either laughing at the ridiculosity extolled above and within this sentence, or crying at how pathetic my rants can be. Thanks for your support no matter the outcome for you.


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