From Minor League Sports to a Major Resolution: Part 3

I may not have been able to publish a blog post every single day this month, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing (and thinking about it too). Lame excuse aside, here’s what I would have written this weekend if I had time to blog.


For those of you that know me well, you realize how much I’m a kid at heart (and I pretty frequently act that way). It’s no surprise I loved the newest Muppets movie, but it’s actually for a different reason than you think.

I had the opportunity to see the movie recently, and it was everything I pictured it would be: funny, witty and full of cameo appearances. Props to Jason Segel for co-writing the story and getting it all together.

I’m not much of a movie critic (I got a mediocre grade on the only movie review I ever wrote), and I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, so you won’t see a tell-all paragraph or three in this post. Although it may be fairly obvious, you’ll like the movie if you like other Muppets movies and shows, but you probably won’t if you didn’t. The movie was about more than just some decades-old puppets for me though, and I’ll bet the same can be said for many of the others who have seen and enjoyed the movie.

Whether it’s Kermit’s positive attitude, Fozzy’s bad jokes (and subsequent wocka wockas) or Miss Piggy’s unstoppable diva personality, the movie is as much about saving your childhood as anything else. Laughing with the Muppets on the big screen reminded me of the times I watched the Muppet Show with my parents or Muppet Babies during Saturday morning cartoons. Their humor is so easy to appreciate, even if it sometimes not a lot more than slapstick. It may have had a sappy plot, but it wasn’t a bad hook to make them relevant again, especially since everything else was done so well.

The Muppets represent a simpler time for people, which isn’t such a bad thing. I’m going to sound as bitter as Statler and Waldorf when I say this, but people have enough problems to deal with nowadays. Having an excuse to laugh, especially in a way reminiscent of their childhood can only help.


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