From Minor League Sports to a Major Resolution: Part 1

One of my favorite blogs stole my idea. Maybe it’s not as brilliant as I thought. I had every intention of writing a post today about my plan to start my New Year’s Resolution today instead of a month from now, but Lifehacker beat me to the punch (here).

I don’t have the whole laundry list ready to start, but as the article above suggests, I’ll figure it out over the course of the month. By the time I get to January (which would be February if I started later), I’ll have the support of everyone starting their resolutions to keep me on track. When many others give up in February, I’ll have a solid 62 days under my belt, which is just more than the 55 or so days it’s suggested someone do a new action to make it a habit.

The one task I know for sure that will fill the entirety of my “new year” is writing. I’ll have a post per day up here, even if they’re shorter than normal. I won’t intentionally leave stuff out cliffhanger style. They will all be new ideas, and people might actually read the whole thing if they’re shorter! (For those of you that already do, kudos.)


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