From Minor League Baseball to a Minor Disappointment

I thought that yesterday’s morning game for the Worcester Tornadoes would be another chance for me to catch a game at night. This time, I was preparing for a bit of a homecoming.

This is the trip I would have made. It takes 48 minutes by car.

The Hudson Valley Renegades had a 7:05pm game at Dutchess Stadium yesterday, which is less than an hour away from Suffern, NY, where the Rockland Boulders‘ team hotel is. With the Tornadoes facing Rockland in a random mid-series morning game, it meant we would have all day after the fact to relax.

I checked the train schedule, looked up cab fares, tried bus lines, and even searched for Zip Cars in the area. Unfortunately, there were no options that could get me 45 miles north (and across the Hudson River) in about an hour for less than $50 each way. I would literally have had to take a train into New York City to get to the other side of the Hudson and come back further north, which would take four hours, according to Metro North’s Trip Planner. There are no Zip Cars in Suffern or anywhere near here, so I was unfortunately out of luck.

No soup for me. (Suffern is right by the Route 87 Sign, slightly above center.)

Twenty-five cent wings always make life better, so grabbing dinner in a bar near here last night wasn’t the end of the world. (Props to Sutter’s Mill having a Foursquare discount, although it was a different deal.)

Although I didn’t get to go to their game, I did catch up with one of my best friends from the Renegades when he visited the Boulders the night before.

If I owned Zip Car, I would flood NYC’s suburbs with cars, in case the city wasn’t someone’s final destination. The Hudson River is apparently the Great Wall of China  when it comes to public transportation.

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