From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun: Part 4

My region-wide Minor League Baseball tour continued yesterday with a trip to New Britain Stadium, home of the New Britain Rock Cats. They’ve been a Minnesota Twins affiliate for the past 17 years, and used to be a part of the Boston Red Sox system.

Before Saturday’s 6:35 contest, I got a hold of the visiting Harrisburg Senators‘ broadcaster, Terry Byrom. Terry was gracious enough to have a couple of long conversations with me, before and after the game, and even let me sit in the booth with him too. The most valuable information he shared with me was about what it takes to tell a great story. In his broadcast, he (wisely and relevantly) mentioned Red Ruffing, the evolution of starting and relief pitching over the last few decades, and a few interesting tales of his own.

The baseball world is full of coincidences, and Saturday revealed one I never would have expected. The Senators have a starting pitcher who I called games for in 2007 in the Cape League. Brewster Whitecaps hurler Erik Davis pitched today, and his host family from that summer was at Saturday’s game. I didn’t get a chance to speak with them, but they came up to the booth for an in-between inning exchange with Terry, and were pleased to hear he has looked good this season.

Next weekend, I’ll be back in New Hampshire for another Fisher Cats game, when they take on the Binghamton Mets. I’ll have another post before then, though it may be a bit anticlimactic…

As always, I’d love to hear about your favorite Minor League Baseball Experience. Post it here if you’d like!


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