From Minor League Baseball to Major Fun: Part 3 (Yup. I know it’s out-of-order. There’s a semi-legitimate reason for that.)

So the title for this one won’t win any awards, especially if the aforementioned awards involve numerical order. I figured since I wanted to write number four in this series first, I would. It’s my blog after all, right?

No offense to the Portland Sea Dogs, but the game I was supposed to go to at Hadlock Field was rained out. I figured I’m at least mention my trip up there, because I really wanted to catch a game there last weekend. Believe it or not, there’s evidence that I made the voyage north. If you check out my Foursquare page, you’ll see a snapshot from just outside the park. If you want to keep tabs on the radio goings-on of the Sea Dogs, visit broadcaster Mike Antonellis’ Twitter Page.


There are many other descriptive posts about the destinations in my 2011 Minor League Baseball Journey. Read about them here:

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