From Minor League Baseball to Nihilism. What???

In my time being a consumer and a content creator, I’ve noticed a pretty simple principle about business and even life in general. It might actually be the most important part to having success monetarily, through brand equity or whatever yardstick you use to measure triumphs and tough times. Fortunately (or not), it’s something very hard to control one way or the other: you need people to care if you want to get noticed.

You’re probably wondering why I would say something so basic and (hopefully) obvious. I’ll make a deal with you: you let me wax philosophical for a couple of paragraphs and I’ll stop trying to read your mind.

The question that follows can be easily answered by many of the most popular resources. “Why should people care?” For struggling companies and people, it’s the biggest obstacle to pay dirt. Either way, it’s the million dollar question, sometimes literally.

One of the reasons this came up (but not the primary one) is directly related to me. It’s this blog. It’s easy for me to say why I appreciate it, but what about everyone else?

I think one of the best ways for me to flush out my intended use of this blog is to frequently check in on my content. If I don’t do that regularly, who am I helping?

I don’t doubt that my entries are useful. If I did, I wouldn’t bother to write them. I just want to make sure that my readers have something to get out of them, at the very least by showing them/you I wonder about the same things you do. If I’m going to stick to my ideology of helping others however I can, I have to show it in different ways so I don’t look like a talking head.

Doing things differently leads to new, more efficient ways, and we know how valuable that can be.

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you care about it. All joking aside, I’d love to hear your motives for clicking my way. This blog is just as much about me helping you as it is me blabbing about me. (Me. Me. Me. That’s enough narcissism for today.)

“How can I make your life easier?” and “What can I do for you today?” have been my Twitter mantras, and they apply everywhere. They’re a real promise, not a cheap trick. Thanks again for reading!

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