From Minor League Baseball to… Minor League Hockey: Part 7

Sometimes, people need motivation to get stuff done. (That might be THE most obvious statement I’ve ever opened a blog post with.) How and where to get that motivation is usually the biggest challenge for those trying to be productive. Since people can have such different personalities and work styles, a method that pumps you up (thanks Hans and Franz) could be completely useless for others.

The attendance for last night’s Providence Bruins game was great. As a result of the hard work from the sales team, a throwback giveaway and a visit from North America’s seventh oldest pro hockey team (only younger than the NHL’s Original Six), the Dunk was packed. The sales associates, managers and directors didn’t need motivation because they already had it.

It’s funny to think that the attitude in one department of the same company can be so different from another. I’m not knocking the performance or mindset of any of the Media Relations Assistants, but like anyone else, there are some things we can improve. Luckily (and deservedly so, given our efforts), there was nothing seriously wrong.

I’ve always enjoyed getting constructive criticism, because I realize I’m far from perfect. I heard a great tidbit about it from P-Bruins Broadcaster Adam Kaufman yesterday. I don’t remember the exact wording, so I’ll paraphrase it instead.

The better you get at what you do, the more people [have to] nitpick to find things wrong.

I hope that people have to constantly nitpick (or have no response to) my work, because that would mean I’m continually getting better, and I’m already doing well.

Just like I try to do with all of the quotes, lessons and solutions I’ve accrued in my life, I’ll use this one as a spark. I will become even better at everything I do, whether it’s calling games, helping others, driving, or maybe even Settlers of Catan. (I could use some help on Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii too, since I’m stuck on the last boss.)

What do you think is the most important lesson you’ve learned from work or life in general? Is there a piece of advice you’ve found especially useful? (Big time brownie points if it’s something from this blog!) Let me know with a comment here.


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