From Minor League Baseball to… Minor League Baseball (and More)

Some people get a makeover to refresh themselves. Other people get a massage. Some go on vacations, while others prefer staycations. To reinvigorate my career, I did the professional (albeit less sexy) equivalent of those. I created another hub for my work, this time in the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America family.

STAA is a site I encountered thanks to a professor I had at Boston University. I’ve been a member of the message boards for a while now.  They’ve given me a heads up on which jobs are open, and many of the other broadcasters have insightful things to say, especially about current issues in sports and how the media handles them.

If you’re looking to start, polish or advance your sports broadcasting career, STAA is a great tool for it. If you’re an employer looking for a quality candidate, it’s a convenient site to have at your disposal. I understand this blog post might seem like one of those infomercials that air on ABC Family late Saturday night. Don’t worry though; this one is over.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about my STAA Profile. If you come up with a way for me to differentiate myself from the rest of the pack, even better. I’m working on proving my worth in as many quality ways as possible. As always, let me know what I can do to make your life easier (even more than Ron Popeil).

My STAA Page

Unfortunately, you can't treat your career like a chicken in a RONCO Oven.

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