From Minor League Baseball to… Minor League Hockey: Part 6

Whether it’s a bunt with a man on first and no outs, moving a runner over with a grounder to the left side or laying out to block a puck, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. There are times that that runner will eventually score, or your team will pick up the loose puck and take it up the ice, but there are other times you won’t be so lucky. In today’s scenario, I’m not sure which one applies to me. I made a sacrifice, and it sort of worked out, but it sort of didn’t.

Because of the invention of Tivo and DVR’s, you can miss a live broadcast of a sporting event (or whatever else) and still catch the whole thing, hopefully without any clues to ruin it for you. I had a nightmare earlier thinking about how Ted and the rest of the gang from How I Met Your Mother tried to miss the Super Bowl and still keep its results a secret. I was worried I’d have to do that tonight with the Patriots game.

For better or for worse, I wasn’t able to do it. I ended my live game embargo during an intermission of the Providence Bruins game against the Worcester Sharks. (On probably the only positive note of the day, they won 2-0.) At least it didn’t turn out the way the last game I recorded did. I had made it through an entire day at Shaw’s, only to find out while I was (literally) driving down my street that the Jets had won. That was “the Super Bowl” last year. Hopefully the Jets won’t win the real one this time around.

Have you ever fought the world to watch a live event later and made it through without hearing the results? Let me know with a comment below.

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