From Minor League Baseball to… Minor League Hockey: Part 5

I’ve loved my time working in minor league sports. With the exception of a few small things here and there, I’ve had no problems with it. I have an especially advantageous setup in my current situation with the Providence Bruins. I only have to work on home game days. On the other end of the work amount spectrum, there’s Kevin Boryczki, the P-Bruins road game broadcaster.

Kevin works in the office 9-5 during the week plus during home games as the VP of Marketing & Sponsorship Services and he covers all the road games, which include three or four Saturdays each month. The P-Bruins have a home game almost every Sunday, meaning there are sometimes multiple weeks in a row before Kevin has a day off.

He may not be the only one that’s constantly working in minor league hockey, especially when you expand to all minor league sports (*cough*baseball*cough*), but he appears to have it the hardest in Providence in terms of the number of hours he works.

Some people don’t have an issue with the amount of hours minor league sports demand of its lifeblood (everyday people who work for the team), but there’s one obstacle that almost all people have issues with: working on holidays. The weekend falls perfectly to wipe out any hope of a New Year’s break for people who work in Minor League Hockey this year, especially employees who travel with the team. The games are most frequently played on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (which just so happen to be New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and January 2nd for the upcoming weekend).

Here’s to the Kevin Boryczki’s of the world, working through holidays. They might not have the additional sacrifices of being a soldier, a firefighter, cop or other life-saving workers, but it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a pat on the back for allowing others to enjoy the holidays. Thanks Kevin.

Have you ever had to work on a holiday? If you have, thanks for doing what many others would not. Feel free to speak about your experience. Hopefully it was as positive as it could be.

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