From Minor League Baseball to Major League Business: Part 1

I would never have guessed that I’d work on opposite ends of the sports business spectrum this early in my career. Working in Minor League Baseball was great. I hope to stay involved with it, thanks to the many lessons it taught me, the great people I worked with, and the view I had from my second “office.”

I figured since I have many different goals about what I want to do with my life, I would eventually work for a big business, but I didn’t realize how soon it would be. I went from ballparks skyscrapers, from driving a couple of miles down the road to work, to taking the commuter rail, and from baseball to football just for the heck of it.

Starting with this post, I’m going to chronicle my experiences working for Hill Holliday as the Community Manager for the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year. (It’s a good thing I’m a broadcaster. I never would have finished that sentence without a couple of breaths otherwise.)


From my first day here on State Street, I knew things would be different. The similarities between my jobs (and even the environments too, believe it or not) are a lot more common than I thought. I’ll share it all with you if you’re not bored to tears by the end of this post.

For part one of this segment, I’ll start with my first ever client meeting. Yesterday, a few members of the Hill Holliday team and I ventured over to the Liberty Mutual Offices, where we met with some executives about what the next steps are in our campaign. It was nice to meet the people I’m working for, and to get a better understanding of their expectations.

The time before yesterday’s meeting went by quickly thanks to an agenda full of preparation and Oreos. (Don’t worry. There were no crumbs in my teeth when I left.) Right around an hour before we left, I got a little antsy. Everything that needed to be done was a bit ahead of schedule, so I needed a productive (or not) distraction to clear my mind. Simply getting out of the office did the trick.

I had to hang on a bit longer than I would have liked, but walking outside to get the cab and going to the meeting itself actually helped. It reminded me of some my days with the Renegades, before the season started. There were a few times that I wasn’t in a productive mood. Getting outside, walking around the park helped ease my mind, and hilariously enough, so did pulling the tarp (which coincidentally was why I went out there in the first place). Just like a client meeting, it’s an excuse to get out of the office in the time of the day that 5 Hour Energy supposedly fixes.

Watching funny YouTube videos, reading an interesting article online, looking at colorful & creative pictures and quoting Step Brothers usually help me regain my mojo. What works for you?


If this post gave you a laugh or some inspiration, read, “From Minor League Baseball to Major League Business: Part 2.”

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