A Promise to You. Yes, You.

Dear Readers,

I’m writing tonight to apologize for a couple of reasons. “How could you apologize when you’ve done nothing with the blog for the last four months?” You might ask. Well, that’s part of it actually.

(To answer that question, you had to look at Justin Bieber every time you came to my website for that whole time.)

On a more serious note, I feel especially bad about something that happened at the ballpark tonight.

This apology is the beginning of a new commitment to you, to this blog, and to me learning and conveying as much as I can through my experiences in Minor League Sports and life too.

Tuesday’s game between the Hudson Valley Renegades (the team I broadcast games for) and the Brooklyn Cyclones was canceled before it started due to poor field conditions from a few days of hard rain. It wasn’t a total waste of a day for me though. I got to learn a bit from the Tampa Bay Rays Director of Minor League Operations, Mitch Lukevics, and I was inspired to write this blog post too.

Before I boarded the bus in Brooklyn, I caught up with Ben Hill from MILB.com and Ben’s Biz Blog. We talked about everything from rainouts and dog days (literally, since the Cyclones were supposed to have theirs tonight) to Kevin Costner and fruit snacks. (Don’t ask.)

I finished speaking with Ben when a woman approached me. All the players, coaches, manager, and team executives were on the bus in their seats or getting there, ready to finish their Nathan’s Hot Dogs (the unofficial getaway meal) and ride home after the game was canceled.

The woman asked me if I could get an autograph or two for her nephew. With Rich, our bus driver closing the luggage compartments as she spoke, I knew her request was not likely to happen. She continued talking, and I said, “I’m sorry. They’re packing the bus up now and we have to go.”

I turned toward the door, the woman clearly unhappy, her family standing behind her. I boarded the bus and didn’t think much about it as the doors closed. I don’t know how well she could see through the windows, but it seemed as if the woman was staring straight at me with a combination of anger and disappointment as the bus pulled away.

The further we got from the stadium, the worse I felt about it. I’m not trying to say it was a terrible occurrence in my life or that it changed me, but I certainly didn’t feel great about it either. I pride myself on providing for others (and keeping up promises too), even if I have to go out of my way to do so. It was out of character for me to neglect the woman’s request.

I really didn’t have the time to get the boy an autograph, even of one player. The bus left within a minute or so of my conversation. That should have made it easy for me to forget about it or at least deflect the blame. However, I often take responsibility for what happens in my presence. That’s what made me want to write this entry.

I can’t give the boy an autograph right this second, but I can promise myself that I’ll never lose the drive to do whatever I can whenever I can for others. That doesn’t mean instances like these won’t happen again, but I can use them as reminders not to get complacent, or even worse, apathetic.

This is my promise to you, readers, and to everyone else around. I will help others when the chance presents itself, and I won’t complain about it or fail to follow through if it’s within my control.

It’s a long shot, I know, but if the woman who spoke me with today sees this message, or you know whom that person is, please have them contact me. I will get an item autographed and mail it to them.

I’ll have a much more regular schedule of content that I’ll announce as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will post when I can.

If you have any ideas on how I can keep my promise, or you feel there’s something I should add to it, please let me know. Just like any and every other aspect of my life, I’m open to suggestions, compliments and criticisms, and would love to start a discussion about making it easy for people to help each other.

Like I’ve always said on my Twitter Page, what can I do for you today?

One comment on “A Promise to You. Yes, You.

  1. Sarah G
    August 29, 2010 at 7:37 pm #

    Nick, this is why you are a good person. It is rare these days to find someone with a good heart, and I know that you truly mean this. You are an awesome guy and your employer is very lucky to have someone with such excellent character.

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